SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch, as Data Controller, in compliance with the EU REGULATION 679/2016 ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA and subsequent variations, provides the due informations about the personal data processing acquired through the website consultation. The policy has to be considered valid only for this website and not also for more websites eventually consulted via link by the user. The Data Controller has not to be considered anyway responsible for third parties’ websites. The policy is also based on the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that has been adopted by the European authorities, gathered together in the Group established under Artcle 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, for the protection of personal data, on 17th May 2001, in order to individuate some minimum requirements for the on line collection of personal data and, particularly, modes, timings and nature of the informations that controllers of the processing must provide to the users, when they link to web pages, regardless of the purposes of linking. The policy is based, furthermore, on what is envisaged by the Directive 2002/58/EC, as updated by the Directive 2008/136/EC , on the subject of cookies, and on the measure of the Protection Supervisor of personal data “Individuation of simplified arrangements to provide information and obtain consent regarding cookies” - 8th may 2014. SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch offers to users the possibility of interacting with his own portal for consulting or benefiting of his own services, available via link corresponding to the homepage of the company’s official website.

Contact Details of the Data Controller

The Data Controller of personal data processed through the website is SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch, with registered office in Via Tasso, 480 Napoli (NA) 80127.

Data processing purpose and legal basis

Personal data will be processed under Article 13 of the EU regulation n. 2016/679, in connection with the services offered by SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch through his own portal, exclusively for his own activities’ advertising purposes.

Processing place and modalities

Data processing linked to website’s services takes place mainly at SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch and eventually with other entities’ collaboration, specifically designated as Responsible of the processing. Data processing takes place in strictly needed time to achieve the purposes, also by automated tools using , observing safety measures aimed at preventing data loss, unlawful or incorrect uses, unauthorised access. Data can be processed exclusively by personnel, mainly the technical one, authorised to the processing, or by any authorised person for occasional maintenance operations, according to principles of propriety, lawfulness, transparency and relevance.

Web browsing

Information systems and software procedures, set up for this website functioning, gain, during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implied in the use of web communication protocols. It’s about informations not gathered for being associated to identified interested ones, but that, for their own nature, may allow users identification, through elaboration and association with data held by third party. In this data category fall within IP addresses or domain names of computers used by the users who access to the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses in notation of required resources , time request, method used for request to the server submitting, size of the file obtained in response, number code indicating server’s status of response ( success, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operative system and the IT environment. These data are used with the only aim of obtaining anonymous statistic informations about the website use and of checking the proper functioning and immediately deleted after the elaboration. Data may be used for the assessment of responsibilities in case of hypothetical informatic offences against the website: ruled out the eventuality, data about web contacts do not persist for more than seven days.

User-voluntary provided data

The optional, explicit and voluntary submission of emails to the indicated different website access channels entails the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary for the requests answering, and moreover of any other personal data included in the missive. In this case acquired data will be exclusively processed for the users requests answering, for example, about a service use, website connection problems or access errors for the own account.

Data retention period

Data will be retained for a period of time not longer than the achievement of purposes, ("limitation principle of data retention", art 5, EU REGULATION 679/2016 ) or on the basis of according to the law time frame.

Data recipients

Data which relate to online services are not intended for third parties or reportable, except for any different legal or regulatory provisions.

Abroad data transfer

Data will not be transferred to third countries outside of the European Economic Area.

Data subjects' rights

According to the Article 15 and the following ones of the EU Regulation, data subjects ( physical persons whose data are reported ) can at any time exercise their own rights and in particular they are entitled to access to their own personal data, to ask for a correction or a limitation of them, the update, if incomplete or wrong, and the erasure, if acquired in breach of the law, as will as, to opposite to the processing, except for the existence of legitimate reasons from the Data Controller. For this purpose it is possible to turn to the Data Controller, or to the Responsible of data protection. We inform, moreover, that is expected the possibility of lodging a complaint to the Italian Supervisory Authority – Personal Data Protection Supervisor- Piazza Monte Citorio n. 121 – 00186 Roma.



Cookies are little fragments of text stored on your browser through the website you visit. Websites use cookies to store informations about your browsing, about your preferences or to manage your reserved area access. Websites’ supervisors and those who through the same websites install them can access only to cookies which have stored on your browser.

Technical cookies with no consent required

SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch , during your browsing on his website, will install on your device and, in particular, on your browser, some c.d. cookies, which is informations that allow us to store some data useful to:
• Recognize that through your browser the website has already been visited, and record and store any preference which during the browsing may have been set;
• Analyze the website and the concerning use to improve services;
• Store your choice concerning to installation of profiling cookies consent. SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch’s use of these cookies, and the concerning process, are necessary to make you contents published on the website available in an efficient and of easily consulting way.
The use of these cookies and the performance of processing linked to them, does not require, within the meaning of the applicable guidelines, your consent. SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch furthermore, will install on your device and, especially, on your browser, or will allow third party do it, some cookies we need to acquire statistic informations, in an anonymous and aggregated way, concerning to your browsing of the Group’s website pages. In particular, it’s about cookies concerning the following statistic analysis:
Google Analytics:
Also for these cookies’ use and for their concerning data processing , it is not needed, by virtue of what envisaged within the meaning of the applicable guidelines in the matter of privacy, your consent.

Cookies with consent required

Moreover, whenever you may give your consent through one of the simplified procedures described in the short statement submitted at your first access moment on the SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch or complying with the following instructions, SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch may install or let thirdy companies, known to SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch, install more cookies, the so called profiling ones. You can give your consent to let SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch and thirdy companies install on your device the abovementioned cookies and put in place the subsequent profiling processing , or you can deny such consent. Furthermore, you can totally or partially personalize, amend or withdraw the consent already given through the following options:
• Facebook
Through the SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch’s Facebook page, whenever you may give the concerning consent, it may process your personal data in order to enjoy of a browsing experience enriched with features and socialnetwork services
• Twitter
Through the SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch’s Twitter page, whenever you may give the concerning consent, it may process your personal data in order to enjoy of a browsing experience enriched with features and social network services cookie-e-di-altre-tecnologie-simili-da-parte-di-twitter
• Google+
Through the SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch’s Google page, whenever you may give the concerning consent, it may process your personal data in order to enjoy of a browsing experience enriched with features and social network services
• Google Drive
Through the SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch’s Google page, whenever you may give the concerning consent, it may process your personal data to storage also not sensitive data as a result of the users filling in the forms. About security and privacy the responsibles are Google ( for the technical part ) and the individual entities, who have access to those data ( for managing), within the administration
• Google Maps
Through the SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch ’s Google page, whenever you may give the concerning consent, it may process your personal and geolocation data, in order to enjoy of a browsing experience enriched with features and cartographic services.
• YouTube
Through the site of SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch, Google, if you give your consent, may process your usage data for displaying content from external platforms.

About personal data processing which, by your prior agreement, thirdy companies not known to SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch may put in place through cookies, by linking to:
We remind you that whenever you may have picked your choices by browsing on SITRA S.P.A. Masterbatch’s pages , as an unregistered user, your privacy options will be valid only when you will visit these pages again using the same browser and still as an unregistered user. Instead, whenever you may use a different device or a different browser we will not be able to recognize your options and we will replicate the statement, asking to pick your choices again. Finally, whenever you may be an already registered user of our services or you may register subsequently and in the registration process you may pick or may have picked different choices than the profiling ones, such options will be valid only when you will browse on our pages as a logged user.

Support for your own browser configuration

If you want you can directly manage cookies also through your browser settings. Nevertheless, deleting cookies in your browser you may also remove the preferences you have set for Group’s websites, that’s why you should be appropriate in visiting this page regularly to check again your preferences. For more informations and support it is possible visiting the web browsing help page you are using:
• Internet Explorer
• Firefox
• Safari
• Chrome
• Opera

Disablement of collection and use of personal data by Google Analytics

In order to offer websites visitors the possibility of preventing collection and use of personal data by Google Analytics, it is available a specific additional component for browsers obtainable at the following link:

Useful links

For more informations about cookies and their web use, you may find the following links helpful: •

The present cookie policy update

The present cookie policy has been updated on 05/07/2018. Any updates will always be published under this link.


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